Instruction for presentations

Instruction for Oral Sessions

Time Allocation for Presentations

The time allotted for each presentation is as follows:
Plenary 35 minutes
Keynote 35 minutes
Symposium (Invited Speakers) Sent by email for each
Symposium (pick up from contributions) Sent by email for each
Poster Presentations Core Time 45minutes for free discussions
In order to ensure the smooth operation of the sessions, we ask you to keep to the time allocation as stated above.
For Invited speakers and selected oral presentations

Speakers should note the following information

Please make sure to be in the session room and notify the conference staff at least 20 minutes before the session starts.
All speakers are requested to bring their own PC or the data on a USB memory stick for presentation.
The session rooms are equipped with a Windows laptop PC and LCD projector on which Microsoft PowerPoint is installed (OS: Windows10, Software: Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, 2013, 2016).
Slides with aspect ratio of 4:3 is recommended for presentations.

Those who bring their data in USB memory stick

Speakers who bring their presentation data by a USB memory stick are required to use the Windows format. The name of the file should be labeled with session number and their name as follows:
e.g. SY00-00_Name.ppt
Speakers are asked to submit their data to the PC desk in the session room before your assigned session starts.

Those who use their own laptop

In case the presenter use Macintosh or special software except PowerPoint 2010, 2013, 2016 for presentation, it is recommended to use their own laptop. PCs must have a display output interface with a D-sub 15-pin plug. If necessary, bring an adaptor.
To avoid unexpected problems, it is highly recommended to check the connection or compatibility of own PC with the video projector on the podium in the session room of you will present by the Coffee break / Lunch time before your presentation.

For Speakers of Joint Keynote Lectures

Speakers of Joint Keynote Lectures are requested to submit their data at the Secretariat (Room 403) by 10:00, Dec. 1 (Sun).

Time Keeping (NEW!)

Allotted time for each presentation is different. So please refer to the program and caliculate the time allocation. Please be reminded all speakers including invited speakers are asked to have 3 minutes Q&A.

Time Indicator:
Last 5 minutes warning / Light of Time indicator will turn from Green to YELLOW
Last 1 minutes warning / Light of Time indicator will turn from Yellow to RED
End of Allotted time warning / RING a bell

For Session Chairs

Please make sure to be in the session room and notify the conference staff at least 20 minutes before the session starts. We are grateful for your cooperation to respect strictly the timing assigned to the session.
Instruction for Poster Sessions

Poster Sessions will be held in Kobe International Exhibition Hall.

Each poster presentation is allotted one poster board as shown left.
All presenters for Poster Sessions are responsible for mounting and removing their own posters on the designated poster board with the pins which will be available at the Poster Room.
Any other equipment or electricity for use of image/video projection will not be provided.


Mounting Core Time* Removal
Nov. 29 (Fri.)
Nov. 29 (Fri.) 17:30-18:15 Dec. 1 (Sun.)
Nov. 29 (Fri.) 18:15-19:00
Nov. 30 (Sat.) 17:30-18:15

*The core times for the presentations are assigned by program numbers in the following manner (Please see next page).

No Category November 29
November 29
November 30
PA Bioavailability and Metabolism odd number even number  
PB Biomarkers: Analytical Methods, Usability and Omics odd number even number  
PC Molecular Targets odd number even number  
PD Target Tissues, Brain-gut-axis and Microflora odd number even number  
PE Disease Prevention: Aging, Metabolic Syndrome, Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer, Muscle Atrophy, Locomotive Syndrome, Cognitive Disorder, etc odd number   even number
PF Health Promotion, Intervention and Human Studies   odd number even number
PG Polyphenols in Foods and Drinks   odd number even number
PH Others   odd number even number

For Poster Award applicants

Posters applied for the Poster Award will be reviewed by the Board Members at the poster sessions.
Applied posters are marked on their poster numbers. The winners will be announced and awarded at the Closing Ceremony. Please be noted that awards may be stripped if the winners do not appear in the Closing Ceremony.